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Today we will be discussing about Women and Dental Health in generalWomen have some special needs when it comes to dental health, and below we have listed some of the most common issues that might be relevant to Dentistsnearby's readers.

Hormones also play a big role in woman's gum's general health because the gums may "overreact" to external factors and becomes inflamed. These may happen during periods of Puberty, Menstruation & Menopause. The best treatment during these periods are to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day plus flossing & of course seeing your dentist regularly. 

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Oral Contraceptive Use (Pil Kawalan Kelahiran)
Oral contraceptive (birth control pills) usage may affect oral health, with the possibility of Gingivitis occurence. Regular dental scaling sessions with your dentist & good home care is important.

HPV and Oral Cancer 
Human papillomavirus, or HPV, has been associated with increased risk for oral cancer.

It is believed that oral sexual contact may be responsible for this development. It is recommended that women who may have been exposed to HPV orally have a thorough oral screening session with your dentist often.

pregnancy-dentistsnearbyimage : Pixabay

Pregnancy and Dental Care
Hormone changes during pregnancy may lead to soft tissue problems and gum disease.

Studies have shown an association between periodontal disease , preterm birth and other pregnancy complications. The age old advice of getting your gum health checked regularly and also maintain a good in home oral hygiene cleaning is of utmost importance.

Deep Dental cleanings may be recommended every three months if there are any periodontal concerns. (Search for a periodontist here on Dentistsnearby)

Women sometimes mistakenly think that they should avoid dental treatment during pregnancy, but necessary fillings or other dental work should not be put off. 

osteoporosis-dentistsnearbyimage : Pixabay

Osteoporosis and Use of Bisphosphonates
Osteoporosis and Bisphosphonate Therapy are a class of drugs known as Bisphosphonates.

These medications affect the bone by altering the action of bone cells called osteoclasts.
These bone cells are responsible for the remodeling of bone and are important for bone health.

The results of altering the action of these cells can result in changes in the jaw bone healing, especially if treatment of an oral infection and or extraction of a tooth is needed.

Although rare, there is an increased risk of osteonecrosis (bone death) with these medications and the dental team must be made aware of their use so that extra precautions can be made to reduce the risks.

If you are obtaining a new prescription for these medications, it is advisable to have all dental work completed before beginning them, including major work such as crowns or bridges, and extraction of any questionable teeth. Orthodontic is also not recommended for patients on these drugs.



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